Protect and renovate your woodwork external

Jul - 01

Protect and renovate your woodwork external

The beautiful days are here. It is the occasion to restore a natural finish to your portals, shutters, or even garden furniture. Nothing complicated, their renovation and maintenance are accessible to all with a little dyeing, staining or varnish.

Maintenance of exterior woodwork, including gates and shutters, is essential. There are many causes of degradation. The sun, the weather or the humidity  in the causes.  From sanding to dyeing, through brushing and dusting, the actions to be carried out are very simple. The more you do it regularly, the less difficult it will be.


Whatever the wood with which your garden furniture, shutters or gates are made, it is above all to sand them with fine sandpaper. When the work is finished, it is advisable to brush the whole, in the direction of the veins of the wood only.

Depending on the desired effect, you can apply one to two coats of hue after total drying of the first.


In the case of a highly deteriorated paint or in the case of several layers of varnish or dye, chemical or thermal etching is necessary before application. For chemical pickling, leave the product for 10 to 30 minutes and spread the residue with a painter’s knife or a spatula if it is varnish.

To recover the original color of the wood, you can also use sandpaper.

Varnishes and Coatings

Glazes and varnishes are fairly similar products, which prolong the life of the product and protect the wood on the surface and at depth. While letting the veins appear. The glazes and varnishes apply in the same way and offer ease of maintenance, shine, more natural shine, UV resistance and many other benefits.

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