Prevention of the falls of height

Jun - 12

Prevention of the falls of height

For the various works to be carried out: installation of exterior joinery, jointing, painting, repaving, joints or facade painting, metalwork, locksmithing, insulation of roofs, exterior lighting, connections to overhead networks and other works, interveners on a construction site are constantly faced with major risks.

In order to better ensure the safety of the workers on the structures against the risk of falling, it requires the observance of certain instructions.

It is imperative to use a mobile lifting platform of personnel. This machine, which has become affordable in recent years, makes it possible to find effective solutions to difficulties in accessing intervention areas. It is also confirmed that its use generates significant productivity gains. Finally, it guarantees collective protection at the workplace.

For roofing work (framing, roofing, insulation, zinc works), it is necessary to install a perimeter roof protection. Complete and well assembled, it offers an excellent level of security to the personnel.

For new constructions and for heavy rehabilitation operations, scaffolding should be used. Indeed it is the ideal equipment to meet the needs of everyone in terms of collective protection. It not only increases productivity, but also improves the execution conditions.

It is understood that the use of such devices must be entrusted to personnel who have been trained and authorized by the company manager.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure the resistance of the seating surface and the access to the structure.

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