Constructions modular temporary or final: high performance

May - 22

Constructions modular temporary or final: high performance

You want to quickly build quality spaces that can evolve quickly?

Modular construction is the right answer to all your needs.

The principle of modular construction , based on prefabrication and industrial plant different rooms .

Housing, schools, recreation centers, restaurants or others, everything is possible with modular constructions.

Thanks to a high quality design, the precast concrete elements allow an optimal structure.

Many facilities can be adapted to your building without constraints: plumbing, sanitary equipment, photovoltaic panels, etc., or even decorations of the housing, such as a plant wall.

As the area is scalable , it is not difficult to enlarge buildings at any time and according to your needs.

The modular constructions ensure a perfect adaptation to your request thanks to their multi design concept.

Modular constructions have many advantages, such as very short study time combined with minimal cost, and the respect and implementation of the most demanding standards in terms of safety and reliability. This ensures optimal performance.

The modular construction offers a contemporary aesthetic personalized thanks to the combination of glass and aluminum which create the contrast of the façade colors.

In addition to being comfortable, the modular building is performing in terms of thermal insulation. Indeed, it ensures a very good air impermeability.

Due to their appearance, modular constructions offer many possibilities for evolution , transformation and extension, very fast to perform, and especially exceptionally short turnaround times.

Adapted to your budgets, the modular constructions guarantee a certain labor saving thanks to the prefabricated concrete elements.

Thus, the optimal use of natural resources reduces the overall cost of a building.

Despite all precautions, damage can not be excluded. This can damage the net aspect of the elements. However, due to their excellent finish, the prefabricated elements can be easily maintained.

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