Category: Construction

Sep - 11

Construction Work Tips

Use a palette on the  floor covering, and the use of 4 of them making walls which would roughly an hour. Pallets come in many sizes, 36×36 rectangle in the palette is common 48×40.I always thought of pallets as undesirable, but…

Jul - 01

Protect and renovate your woodwork external

The beautiful days are here. It is the occasion to restore a natural finish to your portals, shutters, or even garden furniture. Nothing complicated, their renovation and maintenance are accessible to all with a little dyeing, staining or varnish. Maintenance of exterior…

Jun - 12

Prevention of the falls of height

For the various works to be carried out: installation of exterior joinery, jointing, painting, repaving, joints or facade painting, metalwork, locksmithing, insulation of roofs, exterior lighting, connections to overhead networks and other works, interveners on a construction site are constantly…

May - 22

Constructions modular temporary or final: high performance

You want to quickly build quality spaces that can evolve quickly? Modular construction is the right answer to all your needs. The principle of modular construction , based on prefabrication and industrial plant different rooms . Housing, schools, recreation centers, restaurants or others,…