About Us

Mayland Home Builders is a “Complete Home Remodeling” company that has been changing the look of homes for 35 years.¬† You might often have said, “We need a new room!” or “I wish we could use the backyard more!”. Well, with Mayland Home Builders you can! We have¬†constructed many room additions and outdoor decks to meet those needs. Mayland Home Builders has also turned many unsightly basements and attics into rooms that welcome you after a hard day. Mayland Home Builders’s custom remodeled kitchens and bathrooms have become an easier and more comfortable place to work and relax in, and if your garage is in need of a little expansion, we are the ones who you should call.

With 35 years of on-the-job experience, Mayland Home Builders can handle not only the smallest, but also the largest home remodeling needs. At Mayland Home Builders, quality and service are never forgotten. Another important point to remember is that we always include you for your remodeling input. This keeps you involved during the remodeling so you can see your ideas built into a beautiful reality.